Big Salmon Run Slots

Catching that big fish just got easier and much more lucrative for players who spin the reels of Big Salmon Run Slots. This 5-reel, 15-payline slot features three ever-growing progressive jackpots and many other ways bettors can land a big catch. The bonus buy-in option with a guaranteed win will have everyone dropping their line into this one.

A Bonus Buy That's Affordable For Everyone

Big Salmon Run has coin sizes that reach $16 and has a betting range of $0.30 to $240 per spin. The excitement in this game can be kick-started by paying ten times the total stake and receiving a single spin of the title's bonus feature. While a player is not guaranteed to win back the entire stake for this spin, they are guaranteed at least one fish and one fisherman or fisherwoman.

A Fishing Trip To The Sea

Just like a fishing trip, the more fish you catch, the more profitable it can be; there are two fish symbols, the pink wild salmon and the silver salmon, with cash prize values. The fisherman and fisherwoman also appear on the reels and help players land those silverfish, and the brown bear is the scatter that triggers the free spins round. The regular paying symbols are a fishing reel, fishing boat, and a nine-to-ace playing card configuration.

Many Ways To Land The Big One

Big Salmon Run Slots has four incredible features that can give a bettor an immense payday.

  • The Jumping Wilds can occur at the end of any spin, and one to five wilds can land anywhere on the reels, giving a second chance.

  • The Fish The Salmon Feature allows players to catch all the fish with value and collect the cash when a fisherman or fisherwoman lands on the reels and the fish. The fisherwoman is preferable of the two, as she doubles any fish values she collects; if more than one angler lands on the reels, they each collect all the fish, and the game adds all their catches together before a payout is awarded.

  • The free spins round triggers when a solitary fisherman or a fisherwoman lands on the reels, and no silver salmon are in the playing area. A fisherman brings three to five free games, while the fisherwoman awards six to ten free spins.

  • Bettors will have a story to tell if they find one of the three progressive jackpots at the end of any spin.

Plenty Of Fish In This Sea

Players looking for a slot with several ways to bring home the big one will appreciate this title's multiple bonus features and the high max bet. The bonus buy-in on this slot is intriguing, as there is no way to lose the entire stake, but some may not want to get carried away if they have a small bankroll. All bettors looking for a lucrative catch are dropping their hooks into Big Salmon Run Slots.