Chase the Cheddar Slots

Cheesy prizes are the one thing players won't find in Chase the Cheddar, an Arrow's Edge title with more than 1,000 ways to win. Bettors will love the slot's progressive jackpot almost as much as they will accessing free spins and instant cash wins. Ready for the details? Read on.

None Of These Symbols Will Keep A Mouse From His Cheese

Slot spinners will find that Chase the Cheddar is a little short on payline symbols, with the dog, mousetrap, and A through 9 the only standard icons on the reels. The blue cat wild symbol is not here to hinder the mouse but to help players score a payday. The cheese symbols are the icons with the values, and bettors can collect those off the reels if one or more mice also land in the playing area.

Putting A Chunk Down On Each Spin

With over 1,000 paylines, it is natural for Chase the Cheddar to be a fixed-pay line title, and players with both big and small bankrolls can enjoy this one. A starting wager of only $0.20 makes this accessible to even the smallest bankrolls, while the maximum of $300 a spin is enough for all but the biggest bettors.

Turning Cheddar Into Cold Hard Cash

Both bonus features offer the ability to leave the casino with a bigger bankroll in two ways.

  • Whenever the mouse lands on the reels, bettors are awarded the cash values on any cheese symbols in the playing area. If more than one mouse is on the reels, they collect all the cheese, giving an even bigger win.

  • When the mice land on the reels, they are put into a counter, and at three, six, and nine mice, the title gives three, six, and nine free games, respectively. The bonus feature resets after nine free spins are reached, and players continue collecting mice.

Free Spins Are Easy To Find

Not needing to land all three scatters on the same spin to discover the free games feature makes this an intriguing option on any visit to the casino, even if the number of freebies starts low. The downside of this slot is that the high volatility can cause the mice to be hard to find, but 1,024 ways make payline wins a reasonably common occurrence when players spin the reels of Chase the Cheddar Slots.